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Song Jie



(Associate Professor)




1. From September 2003 to June 2006: Ph.D. programme in International Law at the SchoolofLaw,WuhanUniversity,Wuhan,China

  degree obtained: Ph.D. in Law, June 2006

 2. From September 2000 to July 2003: post-graduate programme in International Law at the School ofLaw,WuhanUniversity,Wuhan,China

degree obtained: LL.M., July 2003

3. From September 1992 to July 1995:Xiaogan University, Xiaogan,China

major: Chinese Language



1. From July 1995 to September 2000:  notary at the notary public office of Xiaogan City,HubeiProvince,China;

2.From September 2006 on: teaching and doing research work in the fields of international law at theZhejiangGongshangUniversity,Hangzhou;

3. From August 1 2009 to January 28, 2010: visiting fellow at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law;

4.From September 2010 on : Director, Department of International Law, Deputy Director ofInstituteofInternational LawinZhejiangGongshangUniversity;

5. From January 3 to February 28, 2012: visiting fellow at Lauterpacht Centre for International law,CambridgeUniversity.

MAJOR PUBLICATIONS during past three years


1.  Guardianship, Public Order and International Treaty Obligations----Comments on ICJ Case concerning the Application of the Convention Governing the Guardianship of Infants (Netherlands v. Sweden), Law Science Magazine, no. 1 (2008);

2.  Public Order, IP&P and the Sino-US Copyright Dispute: Comments and Suggestions, Journal of International Trade, no.10 (2008);

3.  The Responsibility to Protect: What does it Means for ICJ? Science of Law,  no. (5) 2009;

4.  Potential Interest Protection in WTO System: A New Trade Intervening Instrument? Observe and Comment from the Perspective of Invocation of the Responsibility of a State, Journal of International Trade, no. (11) 2009;

5. Universal Civil Jurisdiction: Its Development and Challenges, Chinese Journal of Law, no.1, 2011;

6. Judicial Intervention in International Relations: A New Intervening Era is Coming, World Economics and Politics, no.7, 2011;

7. A Generalization of the Obligation to Prevent: From Genocide Convention to Racial Discrimination Convention (co-author with Prof. Qingjiang Kong), Frontiers of Law inChina, no.1, 2011.


1. Research on Jurisprudence of Interpretation of ICJ during its Judicial Activities,WuhanUniversityPress, 2008;

2. Protection for General Legal Interest in International LawA Perspective from Practices of International Tribunals and States, China Renmin University Press, 2012.


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