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Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Chinese Civil Law and Business Law

Zhejiang Gongshang University School of Law is recognized as the major institution to train legal professionals in the province. Surrounded by one of the most robust economies in the nation and a tradition of private entrepreneurship, Zhejiang has been ranked as the province with most business-friendly environment in China. As the economic and social development in Zhejiang Province has gained more international recognition, Zhejiang Gongshang University Law School is pleased to announce an ad hoc graduate program for prospective international students -- Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Chinese Civil and Business Law.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Chinese Civil and Business Law for international students at our law school is the sole program in Zhejiang Province; it is also one of the only two international programs in Chinese civil and business law in east China, the most robust economy in nation. This program is designed to orientate international students with the evolving Chinese law, and particularly civil and business law. The program is designed to foster in our students the kind of well-rounded knowledge, skills and broadened perspective that the legal world needs. Through a diverse range of theoretical and practical courses and research, we deliver an educational experience that enables our international students to meet their future career ambitions.

Through this program, the students are expected to acquire as follows:

1) A better understanding of Chinese legal system;

2) Comprehensive knowledge in basic legal theories;

3) A mastery of Chinese civil and business laws and civil procedures law;

4) Systematic knowledge in legal mechanisms available for resolving civil and business disputes in China;

5) Basic legal skills needed to practice law under Chinese legal systems;

6) A better foundation of Chinese language skills, especially in legal writing and communication.

The program consists of the main courses including Jurisprudence, Chinese Judicial System and Legal ethics, Chinese Contract Law, Chinese Business Law, Chinese Insurance Law, Chinese Intellectual Property Law, Chinese Securities Regulation, Civil Procedures Law, Mediation and Arbitration, Legal Chinese and Legal Writing. Students are also required to participate in an internship with a law firm or organization or corporate department and write a thesis upon completion of all coursework.

Any qualified students will be granted Master degree of Law in Chinese Civil and Business Law. Students could graduate within two and half to three and half academic years, normally two and half academic years after completing a minimum of 29 units. All courses will be taught in English; students with a good knowledge of the Chinese language can also take law courses in Chinese.

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