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The International Law Department at the Law School was deeply honoured to host His Excellency Hon Justice Liu Daqun on Tuesday 2 January 2017.
Judge Liu has served as China's judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (Trial and Appeal Chambers) and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Appeals Chamber) for some 16 years. He has played a critical role in developing some of the most important jurisprudence in International Criminal and Humanitarian Law. Judge Liu is at present the Vice-President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former

 Yugoslavia, and sits as a judge of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals. Judge Liu also teaches regularly on International Criminal Law aound the world. In China, he is a professor at several leading Chinese universities including ZJGSU.

Vice-Dean Professor Song Jie introduced Judge Liu to the packed room of ZJGSU students. Judge Liu spoke about the work of the tribunals, as well as his own experiences on the bench as a trial and appellate judge. Judge Liu discussed the many achievements of international justice projects, and noted how the ICTY had achieved a 100% success rate in being able to try every one of the persons indicted. He also explained some of the most important and far reaching jurisprudence. Judge Liu shared the powerful experiences he had through his work, including a moving judicial field visit to a notorious massacre site in Rwanda.

ZJGSU law students engaged in a lively dialogue with Judge Liu. Facilitated by Professor Suzannah Linton, the discussions ranged from how to measure effectiveness in international justice projects, to the relationship between international and domestic courts, to the perceived anti-African bias at the International Criminal Court and the withdrawal of some African States from the Rome Statute. Students questioned whether Syria is an example of the failures of the international justice movement, and asked about the decision-making process amongst the international judiciary, and the relationship between law, diplomacy and politics.

Photo: Lively discussions following Judge Liu's presentation

Judge Liu also advised the students on how to develop a successful international career, recalling his own personal journey that has taken him around the world, including for a time as China's Ambassador to Jamaica. For Judge Liu, the search for knowledge never stops. His journey has been one of hard work, and intellectual curiosity. Even such a distinguished international judge reviews international developments every single day and keeps abreast of the latest scholarly publications. This is particularly important in International Law as the discipline has seen extraordinary growth in the last few decades. Judge Liu encouraged students to read as much as they can, to absorb knowledge and information constantly. He urged them to transform their ideas and thought processes into written works, for it is through putting thoughts down on paper that one can best organise the mind. Finally, he encouraged the students to speak about their work, to go to conference, to engage with others and share ideas.

After the talk, Law School staff members hosted Judge Liu for dinner. The Law School and the International Law Department look forward to welcoming Judge Liu to Xiasha again.

Photo: Judge Liu with Professor Song Jie and Professor Suzannah Linton

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