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Congratulations to a LLB in International Law graduate

One of our international law students' favor things about studying at the School of Law of Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJGSU) is the coming graduation ceremony in June 2017. Professors will get a thrill from seeing the first intake of our LLB in International Law students we have known throughout their undergraduate legal studies stepping out as LLB in International Law graduates. For those LLB in International Law students who will earn their bachelor's degrees soon, graduate schools in foreign countries loom as an alternative to immediately entering labor market. In the coming September, Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga will be one of them. He will go to the historic ecclesiastical county of Durham, Scotland for the LLM program of Durham Law School, Durham University.

Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga came to ZJGSU because of his love of West Lake and the Legend of the White Snakes. The cost of living and amount of tuition fee are very affordable. When he first arrived in this new host country four years ago, he was fascinated by the distinct Chinese cultural perspectives, incredible new foods, customs, traditions and social environment. One of the biggest advantages here is the networking by  meeting new lifelong international friends from different corners of the world. Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga will be the first member of the Alumni Association of LLB in International Law program of ZJGSU. 

Our LLB in International Law degree is highly recognized for purposes of admission for postgraduate studies. Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga also has offers from the postgraduate law programs of Lancaster University, Leicester University, Queen Mary University of London, Bradford University, University of Wales-Bangor (with scholarship) and the University of West England. Otago University and University of Auckland in New Zealand also accepted Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga for their LLM programs. 

Current LLB in International Law students are encouraged to follow Tobias' path that may lead them to have many offers from foreign graduate schools where they will experience another vibrant culture. A good academic performance can be an important basic qualification if you want to be as successful as Mr Tobias Kudzai Matanga. There are, however, some factors you need to consider. A strong recommendation letter, which is always written on the basis of a student's outstanding academic excellence, conduct and discipline throughout your four-year study at ZJGSU, is a must. In addition, the score of 7 in IELT is always required. 

LLB in International Law program of ZJGSU is offering a suite of general and specialist courses for international students. They can explore the exciting and challenging academic world of international law, the legal systems and global legal thinking in comparative perspectives. In preparation for our students to attend graduate school, our undergraduate dissertation arrangement provides intellectual vigor and an opportunity to pursue your research topics under the supervision of our academics in the last semester.

In case of intention to go to graduate school, LLB in International Law students will not feel frustrated with the lack of information. An academic mentor from Hong Kong is available for LLB in International Law students. He is a visiting professor specially selected to work with students on graduate school application and development of skills necessary for academic improvements in the LLB in International Law program such as time management and study strategies. Academic mentor is always invaluable in helping juniors and seniors access all the resources available for graduate school application. He also helps our students develop a sustainable, engaging and rewarding college life in Zhejiang Gongshang University. His mission is helping our LLB in International Law students identify short and long term academic goals, thoughtful legal education planning and provide tailored support to personalizing the mentoring program for each individual student through collaborative and supportive partnerships with students, staffs and alumni. 

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