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Wrongful conviction at GLLC

Twelve Angry Men is a classic "court"drama written by Reginald Rose concerning twelve jurors of a murder trial in the United States. In 1957, it was made a popular Hollywood film. Twelve Angry Men conveys a clear message to us that eyewitness misidentification, malfeasance, misconduct, negligence and false confessions are common primary causes of wrongful convictions. On 31 March 2017 and 7 April 2017, at Global Legal Language Corner (GLLC),a visiting professor from Hong Kong used the episodes of Twelve Angry Men to discuss negotiation skills, and the difficulty to reverse a conviction based on disculpatory evidence and reasonable doubt.  Several students from other schools of Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJGSU) joined law students in this weekly event. 

While students of our LLB in International Law Program may be skeptical of any addition to their already tight schedule of study, GLLC is part of extracurricular activities which can be valuable to their legal studies by practicing legal arguments in English. The extracurricular activities of LLB in International Law Program always give students a greater breadth and depth of legal knowledge in order to train them become lawyers or paralegals.

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